Are you frustrated with trying to achieve higher occupancy rates with curated properties and direct bookings, but not getting the desired results?

Discover the secrets to success in this episode, where you will be able to uncover the nuances of crafting a distinguished vacation rental portfolio with the 100 Collection, comprehend the essence of personalising experiences and hospitality techniques, and learn how to forge strong bonds with guests through direct bookings and maintain loyalty.

‘Our whole intent is to help create trust for that guest and introduce them to all these great partners.’ – Rebecca Lombardo

Key takeaways:

Travis Wilburn builds and runs companies in travel and hospitality. His working knowledge spans every level of his organisations, from operations to business development, to maintenance. Often referred to as “the mayor of C’ville”, Travis worked to restore a sense of community and togetherness by launching Charlottesville Insider, which functions as a visitors’ bureau and destination marketing organisation all in one. Connect with Travis on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/travis-wilburn-03057410 

Rebecca Lombardo parlayed her travel journalism experience with Huffington Post and WHERE Travel guides into a marketing and branding career where she worked with Fortune 100 companies like ebay, Kraft Heinz, Revlon, and Jackson Hewitt. She was an NBC affiliate who was one of the first “backpack journalists” reporting from Namibia, Ukraine, and Japan. She has also published a fiction novel. Connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccabredholt

100 Collection:

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If you are struggling with direct bookings right now whether that is moving away from using the online travel agents like Airbnb or just getting more bookings in right now, then I’m here to help. 

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Ep#44 - Unlocking the Secrets of the 100 Collection with Co-Founders Travis Wilburn & Rebecca Lombardo


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