and welcome to the very first episode of the Direct Booking Success Podcast.

Today’s episode is all about why Direct bookings can be the best way to take control of

your property and profits but not necessarily for everyone.

I am your host Jenn Boyles and I am so looking forward to sharing lots of stories

and providing lots of value to those who want to achieve more direct bookings, decrease

your dependency on OTAs whilst increasing your profits and control over your


Whether you are an Airbnb host, short-term rental

owner, property manager, or investor, each week I will share business and

marketing strategies to help you build your own business. I will also bring you

the best in the industry to share their knowledge along with owners and managers

to talk about what they are doing to achieve their own direct booking success.

Topics discussed


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Join me at the virtual Direct Booking Success Summit (27-29 September 2022). 

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