It’s happening again, after my crazy idea to hold an online summit in 2021 the Direct Booking Success Summit is back for a second year – 27th to the 29th of September 2022.

I was so grateful for the amazing responses from people around the world for the last summit, that I had to do it again, but this time even better; with bonus content on the 30th of September and the choice of two All-access Passes with even more goodies packed with value. I can’t wait to see you there!

Topics discussed

• Direct Booking Success Summit – 27th to the 29th of September 2022

• Three days of speaker presentations for achieving direct bookings through marketing

• This summit is completely online, which means you don’t have to fly or drive anywhere

• Each presentation is free to view for 24hrs

• There will be live events happening in a special Facebook Group

• Two All-access Passes with bonus content and live sessions on the 30th September 2022


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/directbookingsuccess

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/directbookingsuccess/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennboyles/

Join me at the virtual Direct Booking Success Summit (27-29 September 2022). 


4 - Summit Overview

[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to episode number four of the direct booking success podcast. Thank you for listening. I really appreciate you being here with me.

Last year I had a crazy idea to hold an online summit to help short term rental owners and managers increase their direct bookings. No one knew how it would go.

Not the attendees, not the speakers and definitely not me. Luckily, it lived up to its name and it was a great success. It was three days of speaker presentations the presentations covered so many aspects of achieving direct bookings through marketing from the response I had from last year's summit, I just had to bring it back for a second year.

This year, the direct booking success summit will take place on the 27th to the 29th of September, 2022. There will be some [00:01:00] bonus sessions on the Friday, the 30th September as well, but more on that later.

I'm currently finalizing the speaker lineup and talking with potential sponsors, this year the summit will be bigger and better. I learned so much from hosting last year's summit that I'm now able to really shout from the rooftop by how amazing it really is.

So who is the direct booking success summit for, if you are putting effort into wanting to increase your direct bookings, then this summit is a must for you attend owner, host, manager, it doesn't matter your title. If you want more direct bookings than this summit is for you.

This summit is completely online, which means you don't have to fly or drive anywhere. You don't even have to get dressed to attend. [00:02:00] This also means that it doesn't matter where you are in the world. You can join the summit and watch all of the presentations from all over the world. Now I'm based in the UK.

So this is the, the default time zone the summit will be based on. I know that makes it trickier for those on the west coast of north America, but don't worry. I have something that will make, life a little bit easier for you. So hang on to the end and I will reveal what that is.

So how much do you think a three day summit with 17 ish experts is gonna cost you to attend a hundred pounds? A hundred dollars? Nope. It is actually free. Yes. Really? Each speaker is putting together an amazing presentation that will help you increase your direct bookings and you get to watch them all for free.

What's the catch. I hear you [00:03:00] ask. Well, nothing I want to help you. I wanna help my peers. I want to help give back to this community at the end of last year's summit, I asked for some feedback from those who attended. Let me tell you a couple of the responses I got.

Here's one. I really enjoyed the summit. It was professional and interesting and not gimmicky. I generally feel I now have new elements to go and work on improve. The speakers were of high quality. Thank you. Here's another one that I got some feedback from.

The direct booking success summit was a unique opportunity to deep dive into what can drive direct bookings, an ideal program for novice and expert alike I can't wait for the next one.

Someone actually took two days of holiday from their full-time job to [00:04:00] attend, and they are so glad that they did the feedback that I received was just wonderful. And I think the speakers enjoyed it as well. so just hearing those, I bet you can agree that I just had to do it again in 2022,.

In case you missed last year's summit, let me tell you what to expect as of right now, we still have a while to go until the summit as I'm recording this episode quite a lot in advance. The direct booking success summit 2022 is completely online. The places where we will meet online will include a Facebook group and the Summit's website.

I will host a kickoff call on Monday the 26th of September. This will be live in the Facebook group we'll I'll be sharing everything that has been planned for the next few days. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, there will be presentations from [00:05:00] all of our internationally renowned experts.

There will also be some live sessions in the Facebook group, as well as some fun giveaways.

now there are gonna be 17 plus presentations, and I don't expect you to watch them all during the summit, back to back without needing a break.

I don't want you to watch them all. I don't want you to be overwhelmed. All the presentations are free and they will all be live for 24 hours. So no matter what time zone you are in, you will be able to watch them however, if you need more time or want to be able to go back and watch them over again, then you can purchase ongoing access to the, all the presentations in the all access pass.

This year, there will be two tiers to the all access pass.[00:06:00]

The first tier includes ongoing access to all of the presentations, along with a workbook with notes on every single presentation for you to follow along with. The second tier is the V I P all access pass. This will include all sorts of speaker and sponsor bonuses. And I'm so excited for this, an idea of what could be in this bundle, because of course, I'm speaking to you before, this has been finalized, but some of the ideas of what could be inside eBooks, workbooks courses, memberships, templates, guides, product discounts, and, and so much more.

I will have a list closer to the day to the summit to share with you of everything that will be in there. Another part of the V I P all access pass will be live sessions on the 30th of September. That is the Friday. So the main bulk of the, the summit is the Tuesday, [00:07:00] Wednesday, Thursday on the Friday, I'm gonna be putting together two or three sessions with our speakers and maybe some others that will be live on zoom for anyone who purchases the V I P all access pass to attend.

This is completely new this year. So I'm very excited about it. And I hope it works because something about having the summit online is that we don't always get that interaction that you want to have. So this is a way that you'll be right live with the speakers or whoever is in that session to ask your questions and get those answers in live time.

I will also host a live wrap up call in the Facebook group on that Friday for everyone. Whew. I knew that is a lot. Isn't it? It's gonna be an amazing time. I can't wait. I still have so much work to do, but between now and when the summit begins, the wait [00:08:00] list is open right now, anyone on the list will be the first to hear when registration opens and any other big announcements, head to direct booking success, summit.com to sign up. I can't wait to see you there

in the next episode, I'm gonna be talking about why you should attend the direct booking success summit this September.

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